Thursday, February 8, 2018

History of Economic Thought


Here I'd like to share my final exam notes for History of Economic Thought which I took with Dr Roza during my undergraduate studies. She is an incredible lecturer and I have indeed learnt a whole lot from her. My buddy requested for these notes but I figured that if it could benefit more people, why not share it with everyone right?

The notes include:
Adam Smith & David Ricardo on Future of Prosperity.
Adam Smith's Natural Vs Market Price and Productive Vs Unproductive Labour
Alfred Marshall on Increasing Returns to Scale
Cantillon Effect & Price Specie Flow Mechanism
Ricardo & Malthus on Corn Laws
Shift of Feudalism to Capitalism
J.B Clarke on Fair Income Distribution
Menger & Jevon's Refute Labor Theory of Value
Possibility of Gluts
Product Exhaustion
Ricardo's Falling Profit

The link is here.

Hope it helps!

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Peta Minda Ekonomi Sukatan Pelajaran 2017 SPM

Hai semua, Selamat Tahun Baru 2018! Tahun baru semangat baru okay?

So, dari akhir tahun 2017 lagi, sis ada buat kelas tuition one-to-one dengan pelajar tingkatan 4 untuk subjek ekonomi. Mula dari batch 2017 katanya sukatan pelajaran untuk ekonomi telah ditukar dan nama pun telah ditukar dari Ekonomi Asas kepada Ekonomi. Sis tak berapa tahu lah apa yang beza sebab sis sendiri tak pernah ambil Ekonomi semasa SPM (menyesal).

Jadi, bila dah masuk tahun 2018 ni sis akan move on la mengajar pelajar tersebut tingkatan 5 pula. Untuk memudahkan pelajar sis tu untuk ulangkaji nanti, sis pun sediakanlah peta minda yang merangkumi keseluruhan syllabus tingkatan 4. Tetapi, disebabkan buku teks dah dipulangkan, jadi sis buat peta minda ni berdasarkan buku rujukan. Maaflah kalau ada yang tidak lengkap. Ada banyak ruang kosong lagi tu kan? Bolehlah anda tambah sendiri nota anda.

Peringatan: Ini hanyalah peta minda yang akan membantu anda untuk melihat skop keseluruhan setiap bab. Kegunaannya adalah untuk setelah anda selesai belajar secara terperinci, anda boleh refer peta minda ini dan cuba untuk huraikan setiap cabang2 dahan tu. Kalau anda dah boleh hurai semua, maksudnya anda dah faham dengan baik.

Harap bermanfaat!

P/s Disebabkan ini dalam format gambar, jadi kurang jelas. Jika nak yang scanned version, you can click the link HERE.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Tips & Procedure for Exam in UM

Hello readers!

I am back from the dead! A little update on my life, I have just recently concluded my 14-weeks long compulsory internship at the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) from mid-September to end-of December. It was an awesome experience. Really loved it and thankful for the humbling opportunity. Might share about it, but then again, after writing a 8.5k-long intern report on it, I am seriously reconsidering that. Haha.

It’s the best time of year now, STUDY WEEK! Hahaha. You guys are dying, I know. Been there. So, I figured that now would be a good time to share some exam tips/procedures that yall should know. I believe this would come in handy to those who has never taken a uni exam before or is a first year student in UM or has no relatives/senior buddies to ask to. Here we go.

Note: This shall only apply to UM students and information provided is relevant to the current context (2017), any changes to the system from then onwards are not taken into account in this writing.

#1 Exam Schedule:
Where to get them?
Log in to your MYUM account > Click Examination > Click Exam Time Table > Click on each subjects to know details of the paper (When, where and what time).
Important to note that some exams are not held at the exam hall so do check. Other common places are DTC, Auditorium KPS and your respective faculties.

Timely check your siswamail and look out for exam timetable AMENDMENTS. Perubahan yang dibuat pada jadual exam. Beberapa hari sebelum exam pun boleh ada perubahan lagi so check. Double check with friends regarding time and location of exam the night before exam.

#2 Shuttle Bus:
There will be shuttle busses sending students to the exam hall. If your exam is elsewhere along the way, do inform the bus driver to stop you there (DTC, Audi KPS etc). The MPP or university will give out the bus schedule. You will be asked to enter the exam hall 10 mins before exam begins to hear the instructions/fill up forms etc. So I would advise you to be at the exam hall building at least 30 minutes before your paper. For example, if your paper is at 8.30am, take the bus 40 mins before around 7.50am. It’s better to reach early and have time to relax.

#3 Exam Procedures:
Find your hall:
At the exam building, there’s 3 halls (Dewan 1, 2 & 3). Exam hall 1 is at the Ground floor whereas Hall 2 & 3 are at Level 1 (take stairs) and you can see the halls on your right and left.

Where's the exam building?
When you enter UM from the main gate (KL Gate), on your left you will pass the Law Fac, 1st College and there will be a junction on the left. Take that left and you will see a nice big silver building on your left.

Find your position in the hall:
Near the door of your hall, there will be a paper pasted on the notice board mapping the position of each paper’s positions in the hall. For example, EGEE1234 is located near pole A2 facing towards the door. Unfortunately, I don’t have the picture of what the map looks like. But I can roughly draw it for you.

The arrows represent the seating position and which direction will the candidates be looking at. So, you could be sitting near B3 pole but looking towards A3 pole. You know what I mean?
In the map and at the area of your table, only your COURSE CODE will be written out so you need to know what it is. To double check, of course, the easiest is to see if your friends are seated around you or even better, check the question paper laid out on the table. The paper code and title will be written on it. Pick a seat and sit your ass down.

You will need to have your Identification Card (IC/Passport (for foreigners)) and Matric Card. Place them on the right side of the table. Fill up the attendance slip and the answer booklet with the details needed. Read the instructions on the question paper and check for missing pages. Put all your stuff (in the plastic bag given by the university) on the floor. Only put the stationaries you need on the table (table ain’t that big). Wait until instructions are finished and then begin answering.

#4 To Bring:
You will be given the UM exam plastic bag (Its basically a huge (a lil bit bigger than A4 size) zip-lock bag) to store all your stuff. Your bags will be left unattended outside of the hall, on the floor so I suggest you to bring all important stuff along into the hall. You may bring your phones and wallets as well, just put them in the plastic bag which will be placed on the floor by your side at all times.
If it’s not Ramadhan, I’d always remember to bring drinking water to just insert some oxygen into my system every half an hour of writing. Put them on the floor to not spill it all over your paper (worst nightmare ever).
I will also always place my wristwatch on the table to keep track of the time. But don’t worry, there will be a huge ass clock in the hall anyway.

#5 No Cafes
If you have direct papers, eg 8.30-10.30am then 11.30-1.30pm; don’t leave the hall. Just stay there. Bring food or snacks or whatever you need with you because there is no convenience store/food stalls/cafes anywhere nearby. Be prepared.
I also do not suggest you to leave because after a paper, the traffic at the exam hall is really bad. If you drive, it’s gonna take some time before you get to even leave the parking lot. If you’re taking the bus, you might have to wait for the next bus because it will be super full super fast.

#6 Washroom & Surau (Musolla)
Main washroom is on the right as you enter the exam hall from the main door but there are also another one on the ground floor. On the first floor, you can only access the washrooms during exam time where there will be a door from inside of the hall leading you to the 1st floor washroom. Otherwise, that washroom is inaccessible.
The musolla is at the 1st floor, but it is only accessible when it is prayer time (1.30pm onwards if I’m not mistaken). There’s a washroom beside it as well. I suggest you to bring your own telekung because the ones provided is in a bad condition or is not sufficient.

#7 To Wear:
Well, in UM, there is no strict attire code. You can wear anything (except for shorts, sleeveless, slippers). But the hall is gonna be cold (some halls are colder than others), if you're like me you might be freezing 30 minutes after exam starts so bring a sweater with you. Usually students would bring their varsity jackets but it's really up to you.

#8 Other Reminders:
You are not allowed to leave 30 minutes after exam begun and 30 minutes before exam ends. So I suggest that you use all the time given to answer the paper. Do not leave early unless you have an emergency. You studied the whole freaking semester for this, you should at least spend the 2-3 hours to prove yourself.

If you wear niqab (purdah), you MIGHT be asked to remove it while sitting for the exam. It happened to my classmate a couple of times. So, I suggest you to sit far at the back so that you can be a little bit more hidden from your friends in the case that they require you to take off your niqab. But sometimes, they will just ask to see your face to compare with your matric card and then you can continue wearing it throughout the paper. It depends on the lecturer checking you at the time.

Oh and fyi, your lecturer for that subject will be the one handling the exam so feel free to ask them anything regarding the paper if you find some troubles. They might be really nice and give you a good hint for the answer ;) *ask at your own risk :p

I would like to stress this, ASK if you need anything. Anything at all. More paper, calculator, if you feel a little bit sick, if you’re super sleepy and need them to wake you up after 15 mins nap, anything at all. Just ask the pengawas peperiksaan, they will help you. This is a crucial time for you, do not be shy. This is your future we’re talking about.

That’s it for now from me. Best of luck!

Pic from first year when we were innocent babies.

P/s Towards the end of this write-up, I realized that I wrote in English. It's a bit too late to shift to Bahasa so yeahhh... Sorry~

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tips Penyusunan Jadual Kelas UM

Merhaba! Hi semua, fuh lama tak blogging dah berhabuk dah ni. Maaf sebab tak update, sis baru je balik beberapa hari lepas dari Global Volunteer Program di Turkey selama 2 bulan. Sekarang baru habis jet-lag dan mampu ber-blogging semula.

Okay, entri kali ni, harapnya belum terlambat la tapi sis nak bagi tips tentang penyusunan jadual kelas khusus untuk pelajar Universiti Malaya dan mungkin lebih khusus lagi untuk pelajar ekonomi. Seperti yang anda tahu (atau mungkin tak tahu), jadual kelas bukan lagi diberi oleh pensyarah atau siapa-siapa. Anda perlu susun sendiri jadual anda. And this might be very tricky especially for first-timers.

Gais, serious talk, setiap kali hari daftar subjek tepat pukul 9 pagi the war is ON! Semua akan duduk depan laptop/computer/smartphone masing-masing bersedia untuk mula mendaftar. Jadi pastikan anda salah seorang yang melekat depan skrin anda jugak sekurang-kurangnya setengah jam sebelum waktu mendaftar.

Untuk berperang, silalah bersedia dengan senjata anda. What do I mean by this? Pastikan anda dah pun melihat senarai kursus/subjek yang ditawarkan untuk semester tersebut. Susun jadual anda siap-siap di dalam Excel atau bertulis. Apa yang anda perlu fikirkan:

1.       Tarikh peperiksaan untuk subjek tersebut.
Pastikan tidak bertindih dengan subjek lain sebab kalau bertindih anda hanya boleh daftar salah satu sahaja dan kalau terlalu rapat pula (contoh Subjek X exam 3/1 pukul 8.30 pagi, subjek Y exam 3/1 pukul 11.30 pagi) takut anda tak larat. Exam bukan mudah adik-adik sekalian. Nak perah otak tu, at least kena ada gap masa lepas satu paper untuk anda bernafas or if you’re like me I need to nap to refresh my brain.

2.       Tempat peperiksaan.
Jangan main sedap je daftar subjek time rapat-rapat then terlupa yang tempat exam mungkin jauh. Biasanya kalau subjek yang ramai pelajar ambil, exam akan berlangsung di Dewan Peperiksaan tapi kalau subjek elektif yang tak dapat sambutan sangat biasanya exam akan diadakan di fakulti masing-masing. Jadi, just be prepared. Senang cerita kalau tak terdesak tak perlu la ambil subjek hari sama masa dekat-dekat. Dari Exam Hall nak keluar pergi fakulti tu jem dia ya rabbi. Tak sempat nanti dik. Tempat peperiksaan tidak ditulis awal-awal di dalam senarai penawaran kursus. So keep this in mind.

3.       Hari dan masa kuliah.
Semak masa dan hari kuliah untuk subjek tersebut. Kalau bertindih memang tak boleh ambil. Susun ikut keselesaan. Ada sesetengah orang suka letak semua rapat-rapat then ada hari yang tiada kelas langsung supaya boleh berehat. Tapi ada juga yang lebih suka jarak-jarakkan kelas supaya tak terlalu padat boleh meletup kepala.

4.       Tempat kuliah.
Okay ini pun satu hal lagi. Untuk subjek kursus anda masing-masing, kebiasaannya kelas di fakulti masing-masing. Jadi tiada masalah. Cuma berbeza Dewan Kuliah sahaja. Tapi, yang jadi masalahnya ialah subjek wajib universiti. Contoh macam Hubungan Etnik, APK, TITAS, KOK, English dan lain-lain. Disebabkan semua pelajar tidak kira kursus diwajibkan mengambil kursus-kursus universiti, kelas akan diadakan di beberapa lokasi (biasanya fakulti yang ada dewan besar). Dan yang menarik semasa anda daftar, lokasi kelas hanya akan ditulis di dalam bentuk shortform.

Ni rupa dia. Tengok juga pre-requisite conditions sebelum daftar (the description in red)

So, Mora shall come to the rescue!

FSSS – Fakulti Sastera & Sains Sosial
FEP – Fakulti Ekonomi & Pentadbiran
FPP – Fakulti Perniagaan & Perakaunan
FSKTM – Fakulti Sains Komputer & Teknologi Maklumat
APM – Akademi Pengajian Melayu
API – Akademi Pengajian Islam
FBL – Fakulti Bahasa & Linguistik
EDU / PEND – Fakuti Pendidikan
FAB – Fakulti Alam Bina
LAW – Fakulti Undang-Undang
SKET / CITRA – Centre for Initiation of Talent and Industrial Training (sebelah fakulti edu)
KPS – Kompleks Perdana Siswa
Gazebo – A place at KPS (masa MHS mesti pernah pergi)

Sooooooo, pandai-pandai la pilih. Sebab satu subjek tu dia akan tawarkan pelbagai hari, masa dan tempat. So kalau anda dari fakulti perakaunan, jangan la pilih kelas yang terlalu jauh, pilih fakulti anda sendiri atau fakulti yang berdekatan contoh edu, econs or fsss.

5.       Pensyarah Subjek
Okay, ni yang selalunya pelajar buat. Bukannya tengok subjek tapi tengok pensyarah. Pilih subjek berdasarkan pensyarah mana yang tak strict dan senang bagi A. This is a very shameful attitude. Pilihlah subjek yang anda rasa anda berminat nak belajar dan tahu lebih mendalam dan yang akan membantu anda di alam pekerjaan nanti. There’s no shortcut to success okay. ‘A’ berderet pun tapi suruh bagi pendapat tentang sesuatu topik pun tak boleh, acaner tu?

Kalau anda kurang bernasib baik dan tak dapat nak daftar kursus yang anda dah plan tu, anda boleh cuba pergi sendiri ke kelas tu untuk slow-talk dengan pensyarah mana tau boleh masuk atauuuu tunggu je lah sem depan. Pelajar tahun 1, 2, 3 dan akhir tarikh daftar kursus adalah berbeza. Pelajar tahun akhir dapat daftar kursus jauh lebih awal sebab nak bagi keutamaan la dkt hakak-hakak dan abam-abam yang nak grad ni kan. Takkan nak extend sem sebab tak dapat ambil TITAS kan? HAHA XD Jadi biasalah tu kalau first year banyak subjek yang penuh, don’t worry cuba lagi next sem.

Maksimum jam kredit yang anda perlu daftar ialah 22 (kalau tak silap). Jadi sediakan back-up plan. Contohnya kalau tak dapat ambil TITAS, cuba ambil HE. Prepare masa dan hari apa yang anda free. Cadangan sis, awal-awal ni penuhkan jam kredit. Ambil biar cukup 22 CH (credit hours). Kalau sis dulu, setiap sem sis ambil penuh 22 CH. Jadi tahun akhir kurang la beban tu, sem last tu tinggal 15 CH je lagi haha kelas Isnin sampai Rabu je. Bukan apa, in case anda ada paper yang kena repeat kan, ada la ruang nak sumbat. Takda la kena extend sem. Tapi ikut suka anda la kalau nak seimbangkan 3 tahun tu ambil 19 atau 20 CH je up to you.

Semua yang sis cerita ni adalah berdasarkan pengalaman. Jadi zaman mungkin berubah. Dan kursus yang berbeza mungkin ada cara sendiri. Macam roommate sis, diorang dah diberikan jadual yang tetap untuk kursus diorang dan semua kelas tersebut cukup-cukup untuk semua pelajar. Tapi kalau kursus ekonomi, kita diberi pilihan untuk subjek elektif mengikut pengkhususan yang kita pilih (ni tahun kedua baru pilih so chilllllll). Tapi kelas macam Makroekonomi dan Mikroekonomi tu kena rebut-rebut la kalau ramai yang nak ambil Makro sem ni, cepat la penuh kelas tu dan yang lain-lain terpaksa ambil Mikro (subjek sama je cuma yang berebut tu sebab pensyarah lain-lain setiap sem walaupun subjek sama). Bukan apa, yang pilih pensyarah tu kadang-kadang sebab ada sesetengah pensyarah yang tak okay dari segi tak well-organized, mungkin selalu datang lewat atau cancel kelas atau cara mengajar yang tak efektif. Untuk dapatkan nasihat tentang pensyarah silalah tanya Buddy or your seniors ;)

Special for econs students batch 17/18: Prospectus (click here)

Okay you guys boleh tengok kursus yang ditawarkan untuk sem tersebut at the "View Offers Courses" link. Boleh jugak tengok KOK courses yang ditawarkan. KOK ni kokurikulum (jangan blur sangat ;p)
Untuk daftar, klik online  registration. Kena masukkan username dgn password anda (sama dengan siswamail, myum segala tu).

This is how it looks like. Letak kod kursus dalam ruangan bawah tu (bersedia awal-awal apa kod kursus jangan baru nak mencari memang tak sempat la). Klik Add Course. Then ikut arahan seterusnya yang keluar. Ni contoh sis punya kursus last sem. Make sure semua tukar jadi warna biru dan tulis "registered" dekat tepi tu. Kalau warna kuning tu belum daftar cuma dah reserved. Kalau just reserved je, nanti tamat tempoh mendaftar dia akan consider tak register.

Tak semua subjek anda boleh ambil. Perhatikan syarat subjek tersebut (contoh pelajar kemasukan sekian tahun sahaja yang boleh daftar, atau kena lulus subjek lain dulu baru boleh ambil kursus tersebut dan lain-lain).
Pastikan daftar subjek universiti dulu sebab yang tu yang selalu penuh. Masa MHS dan boleh start usha dah subjek yang ditawarkan. Sis dulu blur je, lepas tu kelas semua penuh.
Staff di fakulti akan tolong anda daftar untuk sem 1 tahun 1 tapi still, tak cukup tangan diorang nak bantu satu-satu so take initiative okay. Don't rely too much on them. They might not be able to attend to each one of you.
Jangan obses untuk sama kelas dengan kawan. Be independent, buat apa yang anda nak. Rajin-rajinkan diri untuk bertanya kalau tak tahu.

This is what my schedule looks like. Don't forget to spare some space untuk TUTORIALS. Masa dan hari tutorial hanya akan diberitahu oleh pensyarah di dalam kelas semasa minggu add/drop (minggu pertama kuliah). Dalam minggu add/drop ni anda bebas untuk add dan drop subjek ikut situasi anda. Tutorial biasanya sejam dan ada banyak pilihan kelas akan disediakan oleh pensyarah. Kalau semua anda tak free, terpaksalah drop subjek tersebut (cuba slow-talk dengan lecturer dulu).

Okay then, good luck piranhas ;)

P/s This entry topic was suggested by one of my dear reader. Shoutout to Kzshrh :)
If any of you guys have any suggestions or some things that you wish to know do hit me up!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Great Eastern Supremacy Scholarship Experience (2014 Batch)

Hi readers!

So I understand that this is the time of year that high-school and pre-U leavers are looking for scholarship to further their studies. I was once in your shoes and if I have any advice for you, I'd say just go for it!

If you are searching for scholarship listings, do check out afterschool website. They are always updated with the current scholarships available. Here's the link!

I have had my fair share of applying for scholarship after STPM, A little heads up, it's a LOT of work. Every scholarship has its own process and steps to follow through but just be patient because it'll all be worth it :)

Okay so Alhamdulillah, I was successfully awarded with a scholarship from Great Eastern to further my studies in Economics in UM. Here, I would like to share a little bit about the process that I went through just to give an overview for those who are also planning to apply for it. However, I will not share in detail the questions that were asked because I feel that you should experience it yourself as well as to respect GE's confidentiality.

#1 Application
First step is the application for the scholarship. Just go to the website and follow the instructions given. So in the application form, you will be required to provide your personal information, academic qualification, extra curricular activities, personal achievements, family particulars and a brief explanation on why you deserve the scholarship. This should be basic.

#2 Phone Interview
This came as a surprise to me. They called me in the middle of the day (thank God I wasn't asleep) and interviewed me. It was a simple interview, share about yourself, your background, hobbies. I think the purpose of this interview was to see whether you can speak well or not. So yeah, be prepared with your phone at all times.

#3 Essay Assessment Topic
If you get selected, you'll be asked to write an essay on a given topic. I'm not gonna share the exact question here but the theme of the essay during my time was generational gap in the workplace. The length of the essay is not more than 300 words.

#4 Panel Interview Session
The next stage is a group interview with the Human Capital department. If I remember correctly, there were 2 interviewers and 3 candidates at a time. I was interviewed with another 2 candidates. It can be a bit intimidating especially if those other candidates have done huge stuff during their studies that your experiences look pale in comparison. But do not worry, just be confident in yourself. Now before you were called in for the interview, they will place all the candidates in a waiting room. So my advice is to mingle and get to know the other candidates as it will be helpful once you get paired up to be interviewed later.

The questions asked were mostly about your background and your leadership experiences. An interesting question was about the values that you've learnt from your parents while you were growing up. I think this question would give them a little insight on how's your relationship with your parents and what kind of environment have you been brought up in. This to me is a brilliant question.

You'll be asked the same questions and are expected to take turns answering it with the fellow candidates. A little tip, focus and listen to what the other 2 candidates were sharing, don't be too caught up thinking about what you're about to answer because the last question was a killer.

"Tell us why should we give the scholarship to your friend here."

You will die if you didn't pay attention to what they were saying. Hahaha. And and, this is where the mingling in the waiting room comes in handy! You at least have an insight of their character even before the interview and hopefully enough information to sell them :D Also, if you give a great impression on the other candidates, they might be able to sell you good too!

 #5 Computer Assessment
Online computer test. You will be required to be present at the GE HQ for this. This online computer test mainly tests on your logical and mathematical abilities. You are allowed to bring a calculator with you. The questions are not crazy add maths level or anything. Just a basic one.

#6 Final Assessment
This is it. The very last stage. This stage takes up a whole day (8-5pm). From the total candidates present, only about half were chosen to receive the scholarship. So you've gotta stand out in the crowd! The session began in the morning with some ice-breaking games so that you'll get to know the other candidates better. Then, the assessment begins with an individual presentation of yourself. We were asked to draw like a mind-map answering to the questions that they gave. During my time, there were 4 questions if I'm not mistaken, one of it was "Who is your idol" and another was "The craziest thing you've ever done". Couldn't recall the other 2. Sorry hihi it was 3 years ago okayyy.

Second session was impromptu question. We pick a number and we will be asked a question on the spot individually in front. We will be given a short time (3 minutes or so) to answer the question. You've gotta think on your feet here. The question that I got was "Opinion on wearing uniforms in school." which was perfect and totally relatable to me since I was in Form 6 and we had a huge debate about this haha. There were also a one word statement eg "Colour" and you have to sort of talk about it, random questions about animal, "How would you make a snail move faster?", a comparison question like something vs something and you've gotta pick your stand and many more. There won't be a repetitive question so everyone gets a different question. Kinda need your luck on this one.

Third session was a presentation on insurance products. You'll be divided into groups, given time to discuss, provided with a laptop or mahjong paper to display your presentation and worry not because you were told beforehand to study on insurance products and you are also allowed to bring in notes into the assessment. Here I think they wanted to see how well you work in a team, whether you can work under pressure, your presentation skills and how well you can interpret the question.

#7 Award presentation ceremony!
If you've reached this stage, congratulations! You are officially a GE scholarship recipient :D So this scholarship of course comes with a bond, for me its 3 years bond with GE. So right after I finish my studies, I will be working with them for a minimum of 3 years. The thing about being a GE scholar is that they don't just support you financially, they also care about your development. They organize development camps annually for all the scholars and I've had so much fun in every one of it! They always keep in touch with us and asked for our updates on our activities in uni. I am truly blessed to be apart of the GE family.

So, I hope that have been useful. Best of luck! ;)

P/s application is now open until 31st of March 2017 so go ahead and give it a try!

GE Scholars Batch 2014

Thursday, March 16, 2017

UM EduCarnival 2017!

Hi semua, hari ini (17 Mac 2017) merupakan hari pertama UM EduCarnival berlangsung di UM. Sis berkesempatan singgah tadi untuk tengok sendiri suasana di sana. Memang meriah, UM did a great job (Y) Kudos!

UM EduCarnival is an open day for the public to discover the courses offered in UM. Karnival ni meliputi semua tahap pengajian (Asasi UM, Degree and Postgraduate Studies) dan merangkumi semua bidang pengajian yang ditawarkan di UM! Di sini anda boleh bertanyakan semua persoalan-persoalan anda tentang syarat kelayakan, kos pengajian, subjek-subjek di dalam sesuatu kursus, tempoh kursus, peluang-peluang yang ada dan lain-lain. Staff dan pensyarah akan berada di booth masing-masing bersedia untuk menjawab pertanyaan anda. Jangan segan okay :)

Disebabkan event ini adalah karnival, jadi tak lengkaplah kalau tiada jualan kan? Ada pelbagai gerai yang dibuka di sekitar karnival. Gerai makanan dan minuman, gerai makanan dari pelajar antarabangsa pun ada (gerai makanan Indonesia, Yemen, Bangladesh dan Thailand), gerai pakaian, food trucks, booth merchandise UM (tshirts, button badge, fridge magnet, tumbler, pendrive dll). 

Selain itu, ada juga booth oleh partners seperti International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW), PTPTN, Bank Islam, Graduan, Oishi Green Tea, Uber, Proton, Sime Darby, TM dll. Entertainment pula ada persembahan muzik dan tarian dari Pusat Kebudayaan, cheers dari kolej-kolej kediaman bersama maskot masing-masing dan banyak tempat-tempat menarik untuk ambil gambar!

UM EduCarnival akan berlangsung pada hari ini dan esok (17 & 18 Mac 2017) dari pukul 9am - 5pm bertempat di Bangunan Peperiksaan UM (yang baru). Kalau anda masuk dari gate KL, selepas kolej 1 tu masuk kiri. Tempat parking luas, kalau penuh pun, boleh park di DTC, akan ada shuttle bus yang akan hantar anda ke exam hall. Don't worry, banyak papan tanda yang diletakkan, insyaAllah ada takkan sesat.

Jangan lepaskan peluang!

P/s sis share gambar pelan lantai dan tentatif acara. Boleh klik untuk tengok dengan lebih jelas.
Have fun :D

Gambar ni sis tangkap dekat Exam Hall. Nice building right? ;)

See ya in the next post!